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Khalid Ibn Yazid(--704A.H.)

Khalid was the son of Yazeed Ibn Muawia. His birth date is unknown, but it is clearly known that he was very young when yazid died in 64 A.H.. After the death of Yazid his elder brother Muaawia Ibn Yazid Ibn Muawia became the caliph.Unfortunately he was not able to keep the thrown as he died within 3 months or forty days due to unknown illness.Since Khalid was very young so he was not offered the thrown instead Marwaan Ibn Al-hakam became the caliph. However Khalid became the governor of Humus. His mother Hashim binte Abu-Hashim bin Atba got married to Marwaan. According to Tibri

"One of son of Yazid was Khalid also known as Abu-Hashim was interested in study of alchemy.His mother name is Hashim binte Abu-Hashim bin Atba who got married to Marwaan."

After the death of Marwaan Bin Al-hakam, Khalid was still young and again was not offered the thrown.Abdul-Malik Bin Marwaan became the caliph.Fortunately Khalid got much respect and dignity from Abdul-Malik. It was Khalid who gave the idea of first islamic coin in 76 A.H..

According to Adorogy Brown

"Khalid bin Yazid had great interest in Alchemy."(Tib-al-alrab(Arabic Medicine))

According to Ibn-Alnadeem in Kitaab-a-Fehrist:

"Jabir Ibn Hayaan became partner with Khalid bin Yazid who was a well known scientist of alchemy in translating Greek Knowledge into arabic."

Khalid also got famous for discovering gunpowder. Although according to many experts gunpowder was first discovered by Chinese civilization in the ninth century A.D. However, according to history the Muslim chemist named Khalid bin Yazid was familiar with potassium nitrate (KNO3) the main ingredient of gunpowder maker in the 7th century A.D.

According to Prof Al-Hassan:
'' The formula and the recipe can be found in works of Jabir Ibn Hayyan (d. 815 A.H.), Abu Bakr al-Razi (d. 932) and other Muslim chemists, " .
The term potassium nitrate in the Muslim world has always come up with various names such as natrun, Buraq, al-ha'it milh, shabb Yamani, and other names.

Khalid who died at a very young age in 704 A.D. was the first islamic scientist who opened doors to the knowledge of wisdom,discovery and invention.

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